Anger Management

Anger Management Group: Children get mad. Teenagers get mad. How we handle those feelings make a huge difference in how we get treated and the consequences we have to deal with. This group was formed to help children and adolescents manage their anger more effectively. The goal is to help them understand the cause, symptoms, and consequences of their anger while also learning ways to control and prevent the angry outbursts. We also try to identify the true feeling BEHIND the anger such as hurt, disappointment or jealousy. Group members also learn to respond and nor react, recognize their personal triggers and to improve their personal “self talk.” We use guest speakers and music to make this an Awesome experience for those attending.

Our anger management group is a 6 week program at $25 per week. A certificate of completion will be rewarded at the end of the group which satisfies the requirements of Hillsborough County Circuit Court 13.

Please email if interested in this group. These classes can be offered in our Brandon office or in home services, if you qualify.