Parenting Classes

What kind of parent are you? Lenient? Strict? Balanced?
You may be a great parent, but truth is ALL parents could stand to do better.
Do you get STRESSED and OVERWHELMED? Parenting classes provide a way to learn new tactics to apply to children to help them develop. We teach effective ways to redirect your child’s behavior as well as focus on basic ways to build parenting skills. A common theme for parenting classes is to positively reinforce children instead of teaching only through punishment. We want our parents to learn to YELL less, communicate more and be heard more. EFFECTIVE parenting work together with their children NOT AGAINST them. We discuss the difference between discipline and punishment. You learn the acronym for TACOS and the benefits of using this daily with your interactions with your child. Our parenting classes also address how your personal upbringing impacts on your personal parenting style.

These classes can be offered in our Brandon office or in home services, if you qualify.

Please email if interested in this group or individual class.