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0 days to $5,000

December 15, 2012


Our toy drive is officially over today and wow did we reach and beat our goal of $5,000. We are (of this entry) at $5,656.32!!!! We are so THANKFUL to everyone for their help in pushing this Toy Drive along. The faces of the children are all smiles and wide eyed as they received their gifts. The parents couldnt say “Thank you” enough as they saw what we were able to help them with. Now, STEP has been given the credit but none of this would be possible if not for the donations made by our friends and families.

What did I learn throughout this 60 day period? People want to help others. People need friendly reminders. People believe in a good cause.  Facebook can be used for good.  

Although many suffered personally during the visit of Hurricane Sandy in New York, it did not stop them from helping others. It may have decreased the amount they wanted to donate, but it did not stop them from helping regardless. Ive joked about this often but “spread love, its the Brooklyn way” has been an unofficial cry of this drive. What made this more remarkable was the texts I received such as “Hey, I wish I could give more but I have to help fix my grandmother’s house. i just believe in what you are doing and wanted to give something.”

I read in a book once, a successful campaign needs up to 6 followups for positive results. Often times after two follow ups someone gives up out of fear of becoming annoying, a nuissance or overbearing. I have felt all 3 of those feelings throughout this Toy Drive but I did not allow that to stop me from sending reminders texts or emails because I knew often times people simply forgot and wanted to give. After a friendly reminder text was sent, I usually received this following text “Thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot and I will go do it right now. Sorry” I had to remind them they are helping me out NOT the other way around and no need to apologize.

“You are doing a great job Reg. Those kids will be so happy.” People believe in our cause of bringing holiday cheer to less fortunate children and that makes it easier for them to help. It was very important for me to post pictures of the smiling faces as quickly and as often as possible because a picture speaks more volume than any words I could have ever said. Some of the visuals we caught of the kids smiling receiving their gifts or opening up a gift received so many comments from people saying “this is what its all about.” They are many Toy Drives going on like Toys for Tots, 94.1 with Orlando in the morning so for people to give to STEP was greatly appreciated and humbling.

Although many people dont like Facebook or talk about the drama Facebook causes, it can be used for good. Facebook has allowed our cause to go viral and has been the biggest source of marketing we have used. I am very thankful to Facebook because it allowed my friends throughout the states and years help me with this.

I am glad it was successful but I know it could not have been done alone. It was the direct result of all of the support from my friends and family. Special thanks to my wife and team STEP for pushing this through.


Thank you so much for everything you do and the Christmas gifts. They're over the moon.


Thank you so much for always thinking of my children. It means a lot to me and also them.


Hey. My very good friend will be contacting you in the near future for an appointment. She knows how much you've helped our family.

Mrs. E

Thank you so much. You don't know how much that meant to me and how much of a blessing you are.

Mrs. H

Our most recent toydrive was another success. We received over $8,000 in cash donations as well as numerous toy donations. We were able to put smiles on the faces of numerous children and families. We love being able to provide cheers during the holiday season!