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12 days to our goal of $5,000

December 04, 2012


What a world wind of a week. This past week and weekend we received numerous donations that have brought us to 80% of our targeted goal. We received individual donations as well as group donations. We have received donations from members of the military who see us as “great people with a great cause doing a needed service.” My reaction to that comment was “I feel the same about the work you are doing.” To get the support of people who strongly believe in our vision and mission keeps me going.

We recently partnered with Naranja Events who will be hosting a Mixer event and have encouraged their guests to bring an unwrapped toy or provide a monetary donation to support our Toy Drive. This event is scheduled for Tuesday December 4th.  This will really help many families and I am humbled to be a part of it. I met Glenn Swan, the CEO of Naranja Events through a mutual friend and we immediately connected. He saw the value in our program and the services we offered. He said, “because of what you guys do to help the community we want to be a part of that. We want to help you not just for this toy drive but throughout the year. We hope to have you blow past your goal amount.” The support from Glenn and everyone has been remarkable.

 The support has come from home as well. My wife recently cooked Macaroni and Cheese and Spare Ribs to sell to her colleagues. She purchased the items, seasoned and cooked all oh her own. Well, I did cut the onions and peppers and dice them up. Doesnt sound like much, but remember onions make people cry. I wonder why just that vegetable causes us to cry but no one could answer that question for me. Anyway, once the food arrived to Brandon Regional Hospital the lines began for purchases. They were very supportive, and it didnt hurt that the food was soo good. She raised over $300 at this fundraiser with proceeds going towards our Toy Drive.

We are down towards the final stretch now and the second phase of this project is shopping for toys. The requests from the children and teens continue to come in and we hope to provide smiles and cheers to all. Im still not sure if we will do Toys R Us or Walmart but whoever has the better sales and bang for our buck. Im sure the staff is excited about the shopping process, maybe not so much looking forward to gift wrapping though.

Thank you so much for everything you do and the Christmas gifts. They're over the moon.


Thank you so much for always thinking of my children. It means a lot to me and also them.


Hey. My very good friend will be contacting you in the near future for an appointment. She knows how much you've helped our family.

Mrs. E

Thank you so much. You don't know how much that meant to me and how much of a blessing you are.

Mrs. H

Our most recent toydrive was another success. We received over $8,000 in cash donations as well as numerous toy donations. We were able to put smiles on the faces of numerous children and families. We love being able to provide cheers during the holiday season!