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Tania Marrero

June 24, 2021

Tania Marrero is currently a social work intern of the University of South Florida and working on her Master’s of Social Work. Tania graduated from the University of South Florida with her Bachelor’s in Social Work in May of 2019. Tania is passionate about guiding those who are in search of a clearer, healthier future.


Thank you so much for everything you do and the Christmas gifts. They're over the moon.


Thank you so much for always thinking of my children. It means a lot to me and also them.


Hey. My very good friend will be contacting you in the near future for an appointment. She knows how much you've helped our family.

Mrs. E

Thank you so much. You don't know how much that meant to me and how much of a blessing you are.

Mrs. H

Our most recent toydrive was another success. We received over $8,000 in cash donations as well as numerous toy donations. We were able to put smiles on the faces of numerous children and families. We love being able to provide cheers during the holiday season!